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A Bespoke Mother of the Groom Fascinator

Once the first flush of excitement of hearing the news that your child is engaged and getting married has happened, thoughts will eventually move to what you'll wear.

Whilst traditionally a lot of focus is on what a mother of the bride will wear, the mother of the groom is also a lovely and important role, and chances are that you may be thinking of wearing a hat or fascinator to help your outfit feel a little bit special on the day.

Typically, you'll find your dress, or other outfit of choice, first and then think about accessories. Whilst as a milliner it may pain me a little to say this, that's probably a sensible way to do it! In fact, I find most (though not all) of my clients commission or choose their headwear after picking their shoes and bag too.

This was the case with one of my recent clients, Allison, who's son was have an early Autumn wedding. She had found the perfect dress in a fabulously vibrant shade of electric blue, and picked out neon yellow shoes and bag to act as a great contract. However, it meant that she was struggling to find something ready made to match her outfit and personal style. Thankfully, she came across my work online and made an appointment to pop into my studio to see how I could help.

Allison bought her dress and accessories along to my studio so we could colour match shade, and I could get an idea of the style of her outfit, something I always recommend you do. After a chat about what she liked and wanted, and trying on examples I have ready made here, I was able to design a fascinator that drew in both the blue and yellow colours, with feathers to make a statement, and all in an easy to wear fascinator style. A fitting also ensured it was absolutely perfect when she tried it on.

I always love a hat or fascinator that combines a colours that both contrast and compliment, and fascinator definitely hit that combination, and certainly made my smile as I was making it!

If you're after a fascinator that will perfectly compliment your outfit and your individual style let's have a chat at a one-on-one appointment, either in person in my studio or via Zoom, and I'll make your dream bespoke fascinator happen!


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