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Customisation of a Bridal Pillbox Hat

Earlier in the year I had a visit from vintage loving bride-to-be Ali. She'd spotted one of my bridal pillbox hats and was keen to try it on, plus have a look at the other pieces I had too, so she booked an appointment to come and visit my studio.

As I find is often the case, even after trying on a wide range of styles Ali was still draw to that original pillbox hat which was spotted on my website, though wondered if a little bit of sparkle could be added. After going through a few options and ideas we opted to swap over the lace butterfly for a piece of vintage jewellery which I have squirrel away for just such a purpose. It was also asked if I could alter the birdcage veil to reduce the volume when worn.

Customisations like this are not a problem at all, and one of the reasons I think sewing hats together is so important. So I set to work, and before long I was able to box up Ali's hat and pop it in the post, ready for to be worn on their wedding day.

So if you spot one of my ready to wear pieces which is almost perfect for you, just get in touch or book an appointment and let's have a chat about how I can customise it to make it absolutely perfect!

the original hat from my ready to wear range:

After the alterations to customise it:


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