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A Hat Fit for the Burlesque Stage

As some of you may know I spent many years as a professional burlesque performer*.

During that time I had the joy of performing in venues all over the UK, and meeting some amazing people along the way.

Costumes play a big part of creating your stage persona, your presence and your acts in burlesque, so I was thrilled when the fabulous Miss Cherry on Fire got in touch when she was updating one of her costumes to ask if I could make her a bespoke hat as part of the ensemble.

The brief was for a classic smoking style cap, which I adapted from one of my pillbox hat blocks. I covered it in red duchess satin to match the rest of the costume pieces were, and topped it with a long golden tassel.

I love hidden details, so I lined the hat with black satin and a vintage button which had echoes of the costume's details.

Like many good cabaret costumes, this hat was destined to be covered in crystals and other adornments to match the rest of Miss Cherry on Fire's stunning costume. If you take a peek at her Instagram profile you may be able to spot the end results...

Otherwise why not try and catch her in action as she travels around the world!

*Meet the Milliner fact - Ava was part of my stage name, inspired by 'Ava Adore' by the Smashing Pumpkins.