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Cathedral of Community

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Last month I was contacted by Hannah Whittaker, a local Medway artist, about taking part in her new art project the Cathedral of Community.

Hannah has been gathering photographs of businesses and organisations that are based in Medway's Intra area and is turning them into beautiful and striking portraits to create a monument showcasing the people working within the Intra community.

I had heard a little of the project before Hannah got in touch, and as a lover of art and believer in the power of community I was thrilled to be asked! So of course I said yes and send Hannah one of my favourite photographs of myself in my millinery studio from a shoot with Rosemary Rance Photography.

Hannah kindly send me a photograph of the finished portrait - isn't it fabulous! Looking at some of the other portraits I can easily recognise a few other familiar faces from my local community.

The project has been commissioned by the Cultural Consortium and is supported by Medway Council. The work is being exhibited at part of the Ebb and Flow Festival at 95-97 High Street, Chatham and is part of the High Street Heritage Action Zone Cultural Programme Pilot, co-funded by Historic England and The National Lottery Heritage Fund, and supported by Arts Council England and Medway Council.

Thanks to Hannah Whittaker, Cathedral of Community, for allowing me to share the preview of my portrait. #CatherdralOfCommunity #RediscoverIntra

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