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In The Press - Lionheart Magazine

I've always adored a magazine, especially a lovely indie one full of fabulous things to read on beautiful paper, so I was thrilled to be interviewed for issue 14 of Lionheart.

Issue 14 of Lionheart magazine, just seen through its tissue paper wrapping. A thank you note and a paper envelope marked 'sunflower seeds' lay on top of it.
How many other magazines arrive with a handwritten note and sunflower seeds!

Lionheart is a gorgeous independent lifestyle magazine, with each issue having a theme. With 'joy' being the theme of issue 14, you can find me chatting about the joys and benefits, both personal and profession, that I've found though actively being a part of my local community.

Pick up a copy and discover this wonderful magazine for yourself. You won't regret it!

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