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Choosing a Hat as the Mother of the Bride or Groom

If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're off to a rather special wedding soon. Hurrah! And if you're anything like my mum, you'll have been more than a little bit excited to hear the news that your child is getting married to their perfect partner!

My mum, a 60-something white woman, as 'mother of the bride' on my wedding day. She wears a purple lace dress with a double pearl necklace. She wears a small purple pillbox hat which is trimmed with silver veiling upon her short, grey, naturally curled hair.
My mum, in proud 'mother of the bride' mode in her bespoke hat on my wedding day.

Any wedding is a fabulous time, and it's even more special when you can celebrate as a proud mum. And whilst you're not the star of the show like the couple getting married, I'm willing to bet that you want to look, and feel, fabulous all through the day and long into the night. Your outfit and accessories definitely help with that, and you'll not be surprised to hear that I believe that the hat or fascinator you choose plays a role too.

The things I hear most from a mother of the bride or groom looking for a wedding hat are "hats don't suit me" or "I don't wear hats". If this rings true for you, trust me, you're not alone. Even my mum hat similar thoughts about a hat for my wedding!