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Bespoke Bridal Headwear - All About the Pearls

Bridal hats, headpieces and veils will always have a special place in my heart as a milliner. One of my earliest bespoke commissions was an adorable birdcage veil with a unique personal touch, and I've been trusted to make numerous other bespoke pieces for brides ever since, including my own!

Creating something that helps to make the wearer feel amazing on their wedding day is something I adore doing, and I love how each and every bespoke piece can reflect the wearer and their personal style and taste, or even something uniquely sentimental.

My bespoke process starts with a chat, and bridal headwear is no different, so this is what I did with Shelly. Her and her fiancé were planning an intimate London winter wedding, and it was great to hear about the details of the day, and what Shelly was thinking of wearing. When it came to headwear there were a few fabulous and diverse ideas, with great twists from classic bridal wear, but she settled on the idea of a birdcage veil with a statement headband covered in ivory silk and on-trend but still classic glass pearls. To give versatility to the headpiece, including making sure it could be worn again, I made it so that the veil was separate from the headband, but sat together seamlessly. A little touch that helped with this included having tiny versions of the pearls continue from the headband onto the veil.

This was the last bespoke commission to leave my studio before Christmas, and seeing Shelly's face light up when she came to collect it was magical!

If you're wondering about commissioning a bespoke headpiece for your wedding day, why not book an appointment to come and visit my studio for a cuppa and a chat, and to try on a whole range of styles to help get you inspired. You can book a time directly via my online diary.


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